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Serbian Defensive Dog is a dog race, created in Romanija mountain, by interbreeding wolfs, Mastiff of Napoli, rotwiler, Tornjak of Bosnia, and American Stafford terrier. Interbreeding was concluded in 1991, and that is the year of founding The Serbian Defensive Dog race.
Each race, used in interbreeding of SDD, lived in Balkan sometime in the past. Celts lived in Balkan, so decision was made to interbreed American Stafford terrier (terrier - Irish national dog race), which is strong and brave dog. Romans lived in Balkan later. They brought their dogs. Rotwiller and Mastiff of Napoli are direct descendants of Roman dogs. Tornjak of Bosnia is traditional Serbian dog, and wolfs naturally coupled with them.
Serbian Defensive Dog is restored race of Serbian middle age country. There are old people in Serbia who will tell us stories about old national Serbian race, dogs called by their color, not by race name. Today, there is no much need for sheep-dogs, so these dogs are almost vanished. Nenad Gavrilovic did the selection and reconstruction of that Serbian race. He gave the name for the race: Serbian Defensive Dog (Srpski Odbrambeni Pas).
Serbian Defensive Dog is excellent property (and person) keeper. Also, SDD can be turned into an ideal home pet. SDD is very tough in battle. Great speed, size and weight are main attributes of an SDD. Trained, SDD is committed only to it's owner and it's territory, SDD is able to sacrifice it's life for owner. There is no need for special defense and attacking training. It's nature is very stable. These dogs are very brave and they act quickly. Puppies must be treated with lot of care. Force must not be used during training.
Serbian Defensive Dog is 70 - 75 cm tall, 50 - 70 kg heavy, usually black, yellow or gray. Hair is mid-long, solid with underhair, head is massive, and body is musculous.

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